Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization?

seo worksSearch engine optimization or short SEO is a process to increase website traffic by improving the websites quality.
The purpose of SEO is to improve organic or free traffic from search engines. The main search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo generate such search results based on computer algorithms. The purpose is to provide the user with results which are relevant to the user.
In order to be considered relevant, a website has to:

  • Have relevant and unique content
  • Be well build, meaning with no or few coding mistakes
  • Be well webbed in, meaning be well connected through links in to the website and out.

cost is a factorHow much does SEO cost?

Well, it depends. Factors are:

  • The size of the website. It will obviously take much less time to audit a five page website than do the same for a fifty page website.
  • Your competition. If you do business in an area where few businesses use professional SEO services than it may take just a little to get
    ahead of you competition. If you do business in an area where real money is to be made than most likely your main competitors will use
    professional SEO services. If this is the case, than you have to more than what they do. All the basic business rules apply here.
    In order to succeed you need to be at least one step ahead of your competition.
  • The state of your website. If you website is already generating good traffic and your business is well connected in the online world it may just need a little tweaking to make a good thing even better.
    If your website is dead in the water and has virtually no organic traffic the task of search engine optimization may be more challenging.

Good search engine optimisation is a process which requires a great deal of research and planing. To do it half way or on the cheap will not
deliver long lasting results. Sind search engine algorisms change daily a long term view should be taken. Search engine optimization has the
highest return on investment of all marketing activities.

There are two ways SEO work is contracted:

seos at workContract work for a specific project at a fixed price

This is usually the starting point for any SEO work. It usually starts with a comprehensive website audit both of the client’s website and the websites of the main competitors. An action plan will be developed. It is usually followed by the on-site work which deals with issues regarding coding, content to keyword ratios and so on.
Quoted prices vary greatly and can range from $1,000 to $25,000 depending on the complexity of the task.

Monthly pay:

Usually the initial contract work is followed by a defined set of services for a set fee. The ongoing work includes link building,
performance reports, content improvements, keyword optimization and research.
The price range for monthly SEO services is $500 to $5,000 with most businesses paying $2,500 to 3,000.

The numbers above are derived from industry surveys.

However, many of our clients pay less.

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