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SEO History

seo historyWhen we started in the late nineties, live was easy. After a website was launched, it was submitted to 70 plus search engines and major listing directories. We did not bother much about search engine optimization. No one of the search engines was dominant and there was real competition between them. Pretty much any website could generate some traffic. If traffic did go down you just resubmitted it again and you were alive again.

Google launched search engine services in 1998

seo worksThen came Google along, no one really noticed. Google soon gained popularity, with delivering relevant search results almost all the time.

In 2000 Google AdWords was launched.

pay per clickGreat, if we did not have enough traffic we did just buy more. For our early campaigns we paid between one and fife pennies per visitor. Things worked and made sense.

Google is the dominant search engine and dominates the market for online advertising.

Google dominates web searchNow, in 2014 the webscape looks quite different. Google delivers on most of our sites just over 90% of all organic search traffic.
Yahoo! and Bing account for around 8% and the rest of the pack delivers a proud 1% of visitors.

The cost for Google AdWords is now around $1.50 to $5.00 for low competition keywords and around $4.00 to $30.00 for high competition keywords,
just for one visitor. There are other advertising platforms with somewhat lower prices, but they are also less targeted. The ratio advertising
cost to sales is probably pretty much the same.

Some terminology:

CTR or click through rate:

The rate of clicks per impressions, either for ads or search results. It is usually expressed as a percentage or relation, like 0.3% or 3 clicks per 1000 impressions.

Conversion rate:

The rate by which visitors turn into clients. Also usually expressed as a percentage or relation, like 1% or 10 sales per 1000 visitors.

The conversion rate is a stable number

seo conversion rateThe beauty of the conversion rate is, that it is a pretty stable number. If you convert one out of one hundred visitors into a client,
than that’s what it is. Double your visitors and you double your sales.

It must be noted here, that different channels have different conversion rates. Organic search has the highest convertion rate. People that search
for your product or service are more likely to buy than people which click on advertisements. The difference is usually at a factor of 2,
meaning, that, if one of one hundred visitors coming from organic search buys your product or service, you need two hundred visitors from
advertising channels for the same result.

Back to CTR or click through rate

  • The average click through rate for Google AdWords is around 0.3%
  • The average CTR for Google’s number one spot in its search results is around 33%

  • The #2 and #3 account for another 29% of organic traffic, so the first three positions account for around 62% of search traffic.

Example for low competition keywords

So, based on the example and numbers above some math.

  • You are in a niche market, low competition and low traffic.
  • Your main keyword phrase is searched 10.000 times per month.
  • You run a Google AdWords campaign with a CTR of 0.3% at a cost of $2.00 per click.
  • You get 30 visitors from Google AdWords per month but need 200 to make a sale.

You need to run the campaign for seven month to make a single sale and would have paid $ 400.00 for it.

In the same time period, if you would have occupied the # 1 spot on Google, you would have had 23.100 visitors and would have made 231 sales.

To get the same number of sales through advertising you would need to spend almost $92.400.-

Example for high competition keywords

Now let’s do an example with a main stream, high competition and high traffic keyword phrase.

  • Your conversion rate is somewhat lower, maybe 0.5% for organic search and 0.25% for advertising.
  • Your main keyword phrase is searched 600.000 times per month.
  • You run a Google AdWords campaign with a CTR of 0.3% at a cost of $5.00 per click.
  • You get 1800 visitors from Google AdWords per month and would have made 4.5 sales.

You would have paid $ 9000.00 for your Google AdWords campaign per month or $2000 per sale.

Google AdWords pay per click fundsIn the same time period, if you would occupied the # 1 spot on Google, you would have had 198.000 visitors and would have made 990 sales.
To reach the same number of sales through advertising you would need to spend almost $2.000.000.-, in words=

Two Million Dollars

Above numbers are for one keyword phrase. Good websites list for 200 or more keywords/ keyword phrases.

Needless to say what makes sense and what doesn’t!!

It is essential for any business to list on page # 1 on Google

Now SEO is a must for any business which takes its online presence seriously.

There are three ways to go about SEO:

  • You do it yourself learn a lot and spend most of the day on the computer promoting your business.
  • You hire in house staff to look after search engine optimization and online marketing.
  • You hire an outside geek to look after your SEO needs.

We are here to provide SEO services that work and are affordable.

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